PP631-33 Art Colours Magenta Acrylics High Density Satin Colours

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High Density Art Paint This range of professional satin textured acrylic paints is suitable for artists of all levels. Whether you are a seasoned professional, a beginner, or simply an art lover. They are also safe for children to use thanks to non-toxic materials and quality craftsmanship. The excellent consistency leaves a natural trail of brush and squeegee creations. At the same time your creations are no longer limited to canvas, you can leave your creativity on glass, stone, wooden boards and other materials.

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High Density Satin Paint Magenta Acrylic Paint A high density acrylic paint crafted for professional artists, acrylic lovers, beginners and children.

Our paints offer excellent lightfastness, good coverage and vibrant colours for a wide range of creative needs. Our pigments are fast drying, so you can stay productive during the creative process and experience the difference. The excellent consistency retains brush and squeegee marks, giving your work a unique and professional touch.

Excellent mixing and layering action allows the paints to be seamlessly mixed and layered on a variety of surfaces such as stone, glass, drawing paper and wood panels. These professional acrylic paints will not only bring your artistic visions to life, but also unleash your imagination.

We are proud to produce our sealed acrylics in a sterile workshop and use distilled water to ensure top quality.


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