PE259-50N MP ballpoint pen, black ink, 1.0 mm

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The PE259-50N ballpoint pen has a stylish orange plastic body and a cap that matches the ink color for easy shopping. 1 mm tip, and it uses high quality black ink to write smoothly without breaking the ink or accumulating ink. One box have 50 pcs.

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The PE259-50N ballpoint pen features a stylish orange plastic body with a cap that matches the color of the ink for easy shopping.

The nib of this ballpoint pen is made of tungsten carbide, which is the best steel; it is made of high-density oil-based ink, which is viscous and thick to the touch, and writes smoothly without breaking or pooling the ink, giving users a good writing experience.

Many ballpoint pens on the market due to bad sealing, the nib will have air entering under normal writing conditions, which will lead to ink reflux, but our company adopts better technology with good sealing, discharging the air while writing, preventing air from entering, no ink reflux, refusing the bad writing experience, making you love writing.

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