Review of the 2022 First Oscars Ceremony for Midway Stationery

In 2022 Experienced the Russo-Ukrainian war, energy crisis, and inflation and continuous challenges such as the European Central Bank’s interest rate adjustments.

Fluctuations in the external environment and full of unstable factors Main Paper S.L overcomes adversity and completes challenges,in order to thank the hard work of all employees and the great assistance of our partners!!!

Main Paper S.L  is located in the landmark building known as the “Four Towers of Madrid”

2022 The first Main Paper S.L "MP&ME" Oscar Award Ceremony was successfully held at the Eurostar Hotel in Madrid.

2022 The first MP&ME Oscars ceremony by Main Paper S.L departments self-produced and directed 10 films, successfully screened at the MP Oscars ceremony and the audience voted in the scene to select the best actor, best actress and other awards.

Main Paper S.L management summarized the 2022 Challenges and problems faced in 2022 Summarized the solutions and results Showcased this year's achievements and accomplishments and also looked forward to the goals for 2023.


Before the thank-you dinner, Mr. Chen Lian, the helmsman of Main Paper S.L, made a thank-you speech in collaboration with Mr. Omar, and at the same time, he also demonstrated the inner core culture of MP and looked forward to the future plans of Main Paper S.L.

Ride the wind and waves, open up the future, Main Paper S.L achieved the present results Can not be separated from the hard work of each and every member of the company As well as the full support of our partners

At the Thanksgiving dinner, you can not only taste Michelin quality food, but also enjoy ham!

Lucky draw and gift giving during the dinner We gave away many gifts such as TVs, IPads, Doritos tableware, and more. Giving back to all the people who have worked so hard for a year.

In addition, we also prepared year-end appreciation gifts for all Main Paper S.L.

Post time: Jan-26-2024